C-Bus, DALI Control

Since September 2005 I have been working as a C-Bus installer based in the Cairns area but working from Thursday Island to Townsville and all stops in between... The installations I have been involved in range from small domestic installations to highly integrated commercial systems using either C-Bus Energy Management Systems and Control or DALI Control.

For all touch screens and HomeGate / Schedule Plus screens, I start from a blank canvas and craft to suit the clients' needs or taste.
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I use unique logic to give the client everything they want whether it is to run something simple such as lighting or to automate and protect a site with a heavy load such as a sports ground which is mission critical; or to integrate with security so that lights come in in an alarm state and they cannot be turned off until the site is disarmed; or to integrate with the BMS to notify the BMS of occupancy to enable/disable the mechanical services for a particular area and to do that without using a computer so as not to rely on 3rd party hardware failure.

On the following pages are my work history and achievements and projects I have been involved in with the design and installation, programming & commissioning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me; I can give you contact details for referees.